texel yurt

You will find our yurts in a separate part of the dune campsite Loodsmansduin, on one of the quietest and most beautiful areas of the south of Texel near the characteristic traditional pilot-boat village of Den Hoorn. The camping is situated in the heart of the National Park Dunes of Texel. From the yurt you will find yourself in natural surroundings straight away and you will have plenty of opportunity to cycle, walk, skate or run. And of course the beach is also nearby. This is also a unique place for a party with friends and family. The months June and September, when the rest of the Netherlands is at work or school, is a lovely period for (grand)parents with young children and to come and ‘yurt’. Special memories are created here. Children can experience chopping wood and lighting the fire…listening to the birds together, watching the moon rise, seeing the stars shining in the night sky…”Look there’s the Great Bear!”

Experience the amazing birdlife on Texel during your yurt holiday with a bird watching walk with René Pop. During this walk René will tell you all about the birds you see and hear.

Here on the southern part of Texel we are in a super area for birds. We’re right in the middle of it…According to René, this is a true paradise for birds.

Meet René Pop

During your holiday you can make a journey over the vast beach of ‘de Hors’ with Paul, a local Texel beachcomber. The beachcombing tour combines beachcombing finds, stories and history. An unforgettable journey from which you will return with an interesting ‘loot’.

Don’t miss the trip around Den Hoorn!

  • Did you know that Den Hoorn is built on a hill made of boulder clay, which was formed during the ice ages?
  • That the yurt site is part of a ‘vloedhaak’ (hook shaped dune)?
  • That in the hollow behind the yurts, the VOC ships were anchored, waiting for ‘good’ winds by which to set sail.

Learn about this, and more, during the guided tour with beachcomber Paul.

Just outside the village you will find the Novalishoeve, an organic community care farm selling freshly baked bread, cakes, ice cream, vegetables, cheese, eggs, meat, etc. Here you can sit on the terrace with a cup of coffee and the best Dutch apple cake, whilst the children play in the farmyard playground or discover the animals in the barn.

Take a look around the Novalishoeve