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-Whatever the weather -
Staying in a yurt is a pure experience, whatever the weather. It is the perfect way to relax. A yurt holiday is a choice for an experience, an adventure and the feeling of being part of something special…whether it’s for a weekend or midweek break, a week or a longer holiday.

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Experiencing the satisfaction, enjoying the sense of peace that these activities bring, sitting together around the wood stove, telling stories, communicating with each other. Listening to the wind and the rain on the roof…one more log on the fire…would you like a cup of tea or shall we open a bottle of wine?

Every child should learn to hunt, fish, chop wood, make fire and build a shelter. (Freely translated from Thoreau.)

Will you come and chop wood too?

A yurt holiday is suitable for everyone who is happy at heart and young in spirit. Staying in a yurt stands for ‘quality time’, something which is often scarce in modern life. The island offers beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings and simply spending time together in the yurt is always worthwhile.

The site is great for children. They can play outdoors for hours on end, meet other children and enjoy swimming in the outdoor pool by the main entrance.

Our unique place

Cooking a meal on the wood burning stove in the yurt is a wonderful experience. It is a real treat to prepare a delicious meal in the cast iron pans on the stove and the oven can be used for baking all sorts and sizes of cakes.

Recipes for stews can be found in the yurt. You can visit the picturesque village of Den Hoorn for bicycle hire, shopping, eating out or simply for a walk.

Order your shopping in advance…

We have been living in a yurt permanently for years now and to our complete satisfaction. We don’t have the feeling that we are roughing it or missing out on things but instead we experience enjoyment and amazement at this beautiful and timeless design every day. Yurt life is a different way of life, not looking back but looking forward…

We welcome others to share our enthusiasm.

We see our guests as participants in the adventure.

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