Dark and Silent

Here on the island it is still very, very dark and very quiet.
In a clear night sky, the Milky Way is visible as a white nebula made up of countless stars. The stars
twinkle like diamonds and you keep looking breathless. You could just spend the night in your
hammock and watch the night sky pass by.
The light you see is the Light of Consolation, this is a beacon on the Mok Bay, and Lange Jaap, the
beautiful, slender, high lighthouse of Den Helder regularly casts its rays over the island.
At pole 15 is the observatory of Volkssterrenwacht De Jager where you can visit
during viewing evenings. Take a look at their website in the agenda.

It is also quiet here, you can hear the rustling of the pines when there is some wind. And… when it
has stormed you can still hear the roaring of the sea, also a noise but much lower and further away.
Besides the gulls, geese and many other birds that fly over, last summer we saw and heard a crane…
woww…., Helicopters occasionally fly over that supply the oil rigs, that's a bit of a shame but that's
the way it is now once.