Piet en Ina Laan

We are Piet and Ina Laan…and we could never have imagined what we are doing now.
Renting out yurts. We ourselves have lived in a yurt for a number of years.
We want to pass on the beauty of the simplicity that this entails.
To start with, in an idealistic way, now with both feet firmly on the ground. It started during a crisis point in our lives and has grown organically from then onwards. Looking back, we are very grateful for this now.
It is still a great adventure, I compare it to a train journey without an emergency brake and not knowing where the train’s going.
We travel through many different landscapes…with dizzying heights, deep ravines, desolate plains and breath-taking beauty.

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Seventeen years ago we fell in love with…yurt. We have been living permanently in a yurt for a number of years now. At first we lived in the yurt for practical reasons during the seven month rental period and when our daughter Lotte moved out, we moved into our yurt fulltime.

And to our complete satisfaction. No roughing it or missing out.
But instead enjoyment and wonder at this beautiful and timeless design.

Our life in a yurt

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