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Spending the night in one of our yurts is always a pure experience.

It's the perfect way to slow down.

You choose a yurt for your experience, immersing yourself in nature in full wonder.

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Experiencing the satisfaction of this, enjoying the peace that the rhythm brings, together around the stove, telling stories, reminiscing, cooking together, in contact with each other.

Listening to the wind, the rain on the roof... Still just a piece of wood on the fire... Do you want tea or shall we pour a glass of wine?

Are you also coming yurting?

Staying in the yurt stands for "quality time" which is becoming rare. In the round space of the yurt, which feels very secure, it is very special to be with each other.

The nature on the island is beautiful, it is quiet and it is still pitch dark.

Our unique place

Cooking a meal on the wood burning stove in the yurt is a wonderful experience. It is a real treat to prepare a delicious meal in the cast iron pans on the stove and the oven can be used for baking all sorts and sizes of cakes.

Recipes for stews can be found in the yurt. You can visit the picturesque village of Den Hoorn for bicycle hire, shopping, eating out or simply for a walk.

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We ourselves have lived permanently in a yurt for a number of years. Nothing to give up or help but enjoy and marvel at this beautiful timeless design. A different way of life, not back but further..... not shabby but rich.
Because we are so enthusiastic about it ourselves, we also want to make this experience possible for others.

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