hide away yurt

Our “hideaway” yurts stand together in a beautiful dune hollow on the edge of the pine forest. Romantically furnished and, naturally, with a double bed.

Waking up together in your romantic “hideaway”…Glancing through your eyelashes at the soft morning light streaming in through the skylight. Becoming aware of the special round space around you, where modern luxury and traditional simplicity go hand in hand. This is pure magic. It couldn’t be more romantic. One of you finally get up to put a kettle of water on the wood burner for tea or coffee. Maybe you have bought a bottle of champagne with you (and otherwise we can provide one for you). And then? Take your time to decide for yourselves.

All ingredients are present in the yurt; a comfortable double bed, cosy sitting and dining area (in a circle), wood burning oven, where you can enjoy cooking together, and a fully equipped kitchen block. Outside of the yurt you will find the peace and quiet of nature around you in your own sheltered dune hollow, with picnic table, outdoor chairs and a hammock in which to laze around. Bringing your child with you? Then we can provide a camping bed with bed linen (surcharge 15,- per night).

This is the ultimate location for romantic nights, when you have something special to celebrate.

Arrival days are Friday and Monday, they will be shown in green. Since we have two Hidaway's the yellow periods are still available!

Click on the date (it is light blue) and go to the departure date. The booking period is now completely blue. Once you click on the departure date you enter the reservation form.